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How Can David Buys Houses Help Me Sell My House Myself?  Receive the answers to your most frequently asked questions that you encounter. Click the button above or call David to receive answers to your most specific questions.


What type of experience do you have?

We work with lenders, closing attorney, title agents, and other investors with 15+ years of experience. Unlike other home buying services that buy houses, David and his team are very familiar with the area.  David understands the needs of sellers and makes offers based on those needs.

What Type Of Information Do You need When I Contact You For The First Time?

David needs only the basics when it comes to your house (# of beds, # of baths, address, the condition of the property, etc.) He will also ask you how long you have owned the property and if there are any mortgages or liens against the property.

What Is A Closing Or Settlement Date?

The day of close is the closing or settlement date, which is the day where both you as the seller, and David Buys Houses as the buyer, meet and settle the obligations of a purchase agreement. In other words, this is the date that we buy your house. Closings always happen at a professional title agency or a closing attorneys office.

When You Close On My House, Does My Mortgage Disappear?

Post-closing your mortgage is fully paid. The professional title agency or closing attorney is held accountable by law to pay off the mortgage and any other liens from the closing proceeds before distributing the remainder of your money.

In some situations, David will work to help restore your credit by bringing your mortgage current and leaving it in place when he purchases it. Processing this transaction, David will bring your mortgage current, make the payments to keep it current, and the licensed professional closing the property will distribute the remainder of your proceeds to you. This only occurs per the seller’s request.

What If My House In Pre-Foreclosure?

David and his team always work as fast as possible to ensure your home does not fall into pre-foreclosure. He presents a FAIR offer that can include paying off your mortgage or bringing your mortgage payments current all while giving you money at closing. Allowing you to sell your house FAST and FAIR while restoring your credit and avoiding foreclosure.

What If I Am In Or Facing Bankruptcy? 

Working with your bankruptcy attorney we will present you with a fair offer and give you additional money at closing. The offer is presented directly to your attorney and we work to have the offer accepted by the bankruptcy court. Once the offer is accepted, the property is released and then David buys the property as soon as possible.

What Is A Deed Of Trust?

A deed of trust is a document that is recorded in the county land records with your deed that references your mortgage. It acts as a placeholder in the land records to define the existence of the mortgage you have against your house.

What Is A Title?

A title is a listing of the history of owners, debts, and other information related to your house. Title is produced by researching the documents recorded in the land records of your county.

What Happens During A Transfer Of Title And Deed?

During the transfer, a new deed is drafted and signed by the seller, which transfers ownership of the house to the new buyer. This document is then recorded in the land records with the newly drafted and signed deed of trust.

How Do You Determine The Amount Of Your Offer?

Every situation David encounters is unique and constitutes a different offer. The process of how he determines what he is willing to offer for a home is a unique process as well. These are some factors he considers when making an offer, the age, condition, costs of needed repairs, what other homes in the area are currently selling for, and how long they are staying on the market. The factors listed as well as several others are how David creates his offer.

What Kinds Of Houses Does David Buy?

We buy houses in any condition and situation. Whether your home needs a little work or a lot, we will buy it. Most homes we purchase need some work. Even if your home is already in good condition, we will buy it.

Does Your Offer Come With Fees?

All offers absolutely hassle free and guaranteed, this means no fees or commissions whether we buy the home or make an offer.

Will You Buy Townhouses, Condos, etc.?

David buys townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, beach property, retail office buildings, farms, land, and any other building that has deed attached.

Do You Buy Apartments, Multi-Units, and Land?

Yes. David buys multi-units, apartments, and land lots.

Where Does David Buy Property?

At this time David is currently buying property throughout the sunshine state. Although, in the near future he will expand to nearby states.

Once Completing A Form Is There An Obligation To Use Your Service?

Submitting an information form comes with no obligation what so ever to use our service, show your property to David Buys Houses, or receive an offer to buy your house. David only asks for the opportunity to make an offer on your home. Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether our offer works. The only time you as the seller is obligated to use our service is when entering a purchase-sale agreement. Once a purchase-sale agreement is completed no matter who it is with you as the seller is obligated to follow through on the agreement.

Who Sells Their Houses To David Buys Houses?

All kinds of people in all kinds of situations!

  • People who do not have equity in their home and are unable to sell with a realtor
  • Those who have lost a loved one and need to settle an estate.
  • Landlords who do not want to be landlords anymore.
  • Those who are getting a divorce and need to sell.
  • Anyone who is behind on their payments and/or facing foreclosure.
  • All homeowners who bought a new home and are having trouble selling the old one.
  • Sellers who own vacant homes and houses in need of repairs.
  • Homes with liens and judgments
  • Sellers who were working with a real estate agent that failed to come through on their promises
  • Real people facing a job transfer or relocation.

Many people from all different situations that are in need to sell their house, regardless of repairs needed, want to sell for cash, close quickly, and sell to a trustworthy and reliable individual – David Buys Houses


Are You A Better Business Bureau Member?

Yes! David Buys Houses has been a Better Business Bureau Member since the creation of his business.

Are You Tired Of Being A Landlord?

For more information on how David Buys Houses from landlords who do not want to be landlords anymore, click the link here.

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