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Sell My Bradenton House Fast

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Benefits Of “Selling My Bradenton House Fast” 

  1. No Real Estate Fees Or Commissions. Why pay someone 6-7% commission, to access the money that you earned? That is like going to the bank to withdraw some money and the teller taking a 6-7% finders fee. Something seems off, right? When we make you an offer we will pay all closing costs and charge no commissions or fees. Do not pay another mortgage payment or electric bill. Every month your home is on the market that is another payment or bill to be paid. 
  2. No Strangers In Your Home. Placing your house on the market means new homebuyers and headaches. Do you really need the added stress of showing strangers your home on the weekends? More so, strange visitors in your household is disruptive and uncomfortable for your family as well. Overcoming the complaints, queries, and opinions of first-time homebuyers can be frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, David Buys Houses is a real cash buyer willing to take on the added stress of first-time homebuyers for you.
  3. No Repairs Necessary. A realtor will demand repairs to be made before showing the house. What happens if you do not have the time or money for the repairs? Sell your house “As Is” today, do not fix a single thing, we will make all the necessary repairs. 
  4. Skip The Loan Approval. Circumstances show there are a number of people who want to buy your house but do not have the money. A homeowner must qualify for a loan and have anywhere from 10-30% down! How many newlyweds do you know that have that kind of cash laying around? Why wait for the cash? Reap the rewards of convenience when working with me. Selling your house fast with me means flexible closing dates and a speedy sale.

Do you live in Florida, specifically Bradenton, and want to learn more about how to sell your house fast? Click the button below to fill out a form, once I receive your form I will call you to make an offer. As soon as we okay the paperwork, consider the house sold. It is really that simple. Who knew selling a house without a realtor is so easy?!?