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Do You Often Ask Yourself, “How Can I Sell My House In Palmetto Fast?” David Buys Houses has the solution in Palmetto! We buy houses in Palmetto which means we buy houses for cash and can close quickly in as little as 10 days or less!

Selling your house in Palmetto fast is a daunting task that takes time, repairs, money, and skill, especially if you are in a situation where selling your house with a realtor is difficult.

When you list your house with an agent they will lock you up for 6 months, you are required to make repairs, your buyers will need to qualify for financing, and your house will need to pass inspection.


When You Sell Your House To David Buys Houses Florida


We pay cash for your house, close in as little as 10 days or less, make all repairs, and we do not have to qualify for financing.

From Probate to Foreclosure, from Divorce to Relocation, no matter the situation we will make you an all cash offer guaranteed. Whether you are a landlord that no longer wants to be one or you need to move out of state and your home has little to no equity in it. Even if the property needs extensive repairs that are worth more than the house itself.

No matter the condition or situation of the house in Palmetto, we are ready to buy it if you are ready to sell it!


Watch Out For So-Called “Investors” 

Watch Out… real estate agents are not the only “real estate professionals” in town who can make selling your home difficult and frustrating.  There are so-called “wholesalers” or “investors” who say they will pay all cash for your house and close fast. When in reality what they will do is give you a dishonest offer on your home that seems too good to be true, once you accept they will mark up the sale price of your home and market it to real investors. Real investors like David will not pay a price that they know does not make sense. At this point, closing is around the corner and so-called “wholesalers” do not really have the cash to close, so they will use an escape clause to dump your contract and leave you the seller stranded and betrayed. Before they dump the contract, you are going to be getting a phone call trying to negotiate a lower price do not waste your time.

If this has happened to you then you know how frustrating and emotionally draining this can be.


So, How Can You Sell Your House Fast In Palmetto Florida?

Fortunately, you came to the right place to sell your house fast in Palmetto Florida!

David will make you a guaranteed all-cash offer that is guaranteed, this means when closing comes along we really close on your house. When working with us we are fully transparent about our plans with the home once we buy it. In most cases, we want to pay you a fair cash offer, close on the house, fix it, and retail it to an end buyer with no middle man involved.

We Can Close On Your Timeline and When You Sign a Contract With David You Know You Are Dealing With Him!

Here are the advantages of selling to David:

  • Real Fair All Cash Offer On Your House
  • Full Transparency When We Buy Your House In Palmetto
  • We Buy Houses In Palmetto AS-IS, Sell Your House Fast Without a Realtor
  • No Repairs Necessary When We Buy Your House In Palmetto
  • We Pay All The Closing Costs When You Sell Your House In Palmetto
  • No Hidden Commissions Or Fees When We Buy Your House
  • No Obligation Hassle Free Offers On Your Palmetto Properties
  • Pick a Closing Date and We Will Close On Your Timeline
  • Guaranteed Sale Of Your House In Palmetto
  • No Staging Open Houses In Palmetto



We Have a Limited Amount of Houses That We Can Buy Every Month So Hurry And Click The Button Below To See If We Can Buy Your House Fast In Palmetto

Check Out Our Simple 4 Step Process 

Contact Us

The first step in selling your house Palmetto house fast is to click the button above or below and fill out the form on our site. If you qualify we will give you a call ASAP.

Schedule a Home Visit

After we have spoken to you over the phone and learned more about your home and situation. The next step is for us to schedule a time to meet at the house at your earliest convenience so we can evaluate it for repairs. 

Ready For a Cash Offer?


No matter the condition of your house or the situation you have found yourself in. We buy houses no matter the condition or situation. In some cases, we may be able to give you multiple offers and allow you to choose from the one that is right for you.

Pick a Closing Date and Receive Your Cash


Once you choose the best choice for your situation from our offers, we will okay the paperwork together, and then choose a closing date that works for you. All you have to do is show up at closing and receive your cash!

David Will Solve Your Problem

Do not stress the responsibility and expense of selling your house with a realtor. If you need to sell your house in a hurry then give David Buy Houses a call, we can close in as little as 10 days or less.

Homeowners who sell their house to David, do not have to lift a finger because David handles the entire process through and through. Do not stress about making repairs or cleaning up the home. We love dirty, nasty, ugly, vacant, outdated houses that are in desperate need of repair. Allow us to make you a fair honest AS-IS cash offer on your house and close quickly in as little as 10 days or less. No matter if your house needs repairs more than the homes value, if you have little or no equity in your home, behind on your mortgage, have liens or judgments, and any other situation, we will buy your house. Sit back and relax through our home buying process. 

Here Are Some Of The Situations Where We Have Helped

  • Behind On Payments In Palmetto
  • Tax Liens On Your House
  • Little to No Equity In Your Home
  • Tenants From Hell
  • In Foreclosure
  • Unable To Sell Traditionally
  • Probated Property
  • Landlords Who Do Not Want To Be
  • Job Loss
  • Inherited Property
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Homes In Disrepair
  • Bankruptcy
  • Retiring and Want To Move
  • Judgments
  • Bad Location
  • Rough Areas
  • Divorce
  • Downsizing
  • Structural Issues
  • Code Violations
  • Water Damaged Property
  • Fire Damaged Property
  • Condemned Houses
  • Outdated Ugly Houses
  • Title Issues
  • Hoarder Houses

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

David has been in the investing business for 2 years, his father and mentor has over 15 years of experience. We work with lenders, closing attorneys, title agents, and other investors with 15+ years of experience. Unlike the big real estate investing company, David is a Palmetto Florida native and local who is very familiar with the area. David understands your needs as a seller and works hard to make offers based on those needs.

What Questions Do You Ask When I Contact You?

When it comes to asking questions David only needs to know the basics such as # of beds, baths, square footage, and more. More so, he will ask how long you have owned the property, some information if you have a mortgage, and if you have had or do have liens or judgments.

What Is a Closing and When Will Mine Be?

The day you choose after we sign the purchase and sale agreement together is your closing date. The closing or settlement date is the day you the seller and I the buyer, meet and settle the obligations of the purchase and sale agreement. In simple terms, the closing date is the date that we buy your house and you receive your cash. All closings take place at a Professional Title Agency or Closing Attorneys Office.

What If I Am Facing Pre-Foreclosure?

David and his team will work tirelessly to make sure that your home does not fall into pre-foreclosure. However, if you are already in pre-foreclosure he will present you with a fair offer to pay off your mortgage or bring your mortgage payments and give you cash at closing. Allowing you to leave the stress with the house, avoid ruining your credit, and experiencing financial ruin.

We Buy Houses In The Following Palmetto Neighborhoods

Artisan Lakes

Caloosa Gardens

Crystal Lakes

Eagle Pointe

Jaclyn Oaks


Meadow Terrace

Piney Point

Sheffield Glen

Stone Dam Preserve

Sugar Mill Lakes

Wellington Lake Manor

Willow Trail

We Will Purchase Your House On Amber Glen

We Will Buy Your Real Estate In Memphis Heights

Sell Your House On Moccasin Wallow In Palmetto

We Purchase Homes On North Oaks Estates For Cash, Contact David Buys Houses

David Buys Houses On Oakhurst

We Pay Cash For Homes On Oakview

Sell Your Palmetto Home On Old Mill Preserve To David Buys Houses
David Purchases Homes On Peggy’s Corral 41/19 In Palmetto
Sell Your Home On Piney Point To David Buys Houses
We Will Buy Your Home On Regency Oaks
We Will Purchase Your Home On Riverbay For Cash, Contact David Buys Houses

Riviera Dunes

We Purchase Houses In Rubonia
Sell Your Real Estate and Home On Sanctuary Cove To David Buys Houses
We Buy Sheffield Glen
Sell Your House In Snead Island Fast Palmetto

We Buy Real Estate On S Tamiami – Old US Hwy 41

Cash For Houses In Sugar Mill Lakes Real Estate Palmetto
Sell Your Real Estate and House Fast In Sun City Palmetto

We Buy Real Estate In Terra Ceia Bay

Cash For Houses In Terra Ceia Village

Sell Your Trevesta Property Real Estate In Palmetto

We Buy Houses In Villas at Oak Bend For Cash

We Buy Real Estate In Waterford Gate

Cash For Homes In Washington Gardens

Sell Your House In Willow Walk For Cash

Cash For Houses In Winterset RV Resort



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We Work With Sellers In The Following Zipcodes

We Buy Palmetto Real Estate In 34220

Cash For Houses For Palmetto Properties In 34221

Sell Your Palmetto Real Estate In 34222

More Information About Florida


Water brought the primary settlers here within the middle 1800s and shortly, yachtsmen and shippers discovered the sweetness and attract of the mile-wide sirenian watercourse. Fertile ground and an appropriate climate attracted hearty young couples willing to simply accept the challenge of the long run and therefore the building of a community.

The City of fan palm dates its commencing to the arrival of prophet Sparks Lamb in 1868. he’s referred to as the “Father of Palmetto” and gave the city its name when his home state, South geographic area, the “Palmetto State”. In 1897, Florida’s governor signed the charter declaring fan palm a town within the Sunshine State.


When the railroad came to fan palm in 1902, the middle of activity for the city shifted from the city district nearer to the railroad depot, that was settled on tenth Street. The railroad allowed contractors to possess a gradual offer of bricks available, and buildings became additional stable and fewer liable to fireplace hazards. several new brick buildings were inbuilt this locality to exchange and attract new businesses on the city district.


We Buy Palmetto Properties On The Following Streets

We Are Interested In Paying Cash For Homes On 105th Street East

If You Own a Home On 107th Street East We Buy Real Estate On 10th Street East

Cash For Houses On 10th Street Drive West

  • Sell Your Palmetto Real Estate On 10th Street East
  • We Buy Palmetto Properties With a Guaranteed Cash Offer On 10th Street West

Sell Fastly and Receive Cash In 10 Days Or Less On 113th Street Road

  • Rid Yourself Of Your Problem and Money Draining Real Estate On 11th Avenue West
  • If You Need To Sell Fast On 11th Street Drive West Then Contact David Buys Houses
  • Cash For Your Problem Houses On 12th Avenue Drive East

Sell Your Place Quickly For Cash On 12th Street Court West

Sell Your House On 13th Avenue Circle West In Palmetto

We Buy On 13th Drive West

13th Street Court West

13th Street West

14th Circle West

14th Court East

14th Circle West

14th Court East

14th Street Circle

15th Avenue Drive East

15th Avenue Drive West

15th Avenue East

15th Street West

15th Way

16th Avenue Circle East

16th Avenue East

16th Circle East

17th Street West

18th Avenue Drive East

18th Street East

19th Avenue East

1st Avenue Court West

1st Avenue Drive East

1st Avenue East

1st Court West

20th Street West

21st Avenue West

21st Street Court East

21st Street East

22nd Avenue Circle East

22nd Avenue Drive East

22nd Circle East

22nd Drive East

24th Avenue Drive East

24th Avenue West

24th Street Circle West

25th Avenue Drive East

25th Circle East

26th Avenue Drive East

26th Drive East

26th Street Court East

27th Avenue Boulevard West

27th Avenue East

28th Avenue Drive East

28th Avenue East

28th Avenue West

28th Street Court East

29th Avenue Circle East

29th Avenue Drive East

29th Avenue East

2nd Avenue Drive East

2nd Avenue East

2nd Drive East

3rd Avenue Boulevard East

31st Place East

31st Terrace East

32nd Avenue Drive East

33rd Drive East

34th Drive West

34th Place East

35th Avenue Circle East

35th Circle East

35th Street

35th Street West

36th Avenue Drive East

36th Avenue East

36th Street Court East

37th Street East

39th Circle East

39th Street East

3rd Avenue Boulevard East

3rd Avenue Drive West

3rd Drive West

3rd Street Circle East

3rd Street Drive East

3rd Street Drive West

40th Avenue East

40th Court West

40th Street Circle West

40th Street East

41st Street Boulevard East

42nd Street Court West

43rd Avenue East

43rd Street Boulevard West

43rd Street East

44th Street Court West

45th Lane East

45th Street Boulevard West

45th Street Court West

47th Street Circle East

48th Plaza East

48th Street Court West

48th Street East

49th Circle Drive

49th Place East

49th Street Court East

49th Street East

4th Avenue Boulevard East

4th Street West

50th Avenue Circle East

50th Street Court East

51st Street Circle East

51st Street Court East

51st Street Court West

54th Avenue Boulevard West

54th Terrace East

57th Street Court East

5th Avenue Drive West

5th Avenue East

5th Avenue West

5th Drive West

60th Circle East

60th Place East

61st Court East

61st Drive East

61st Street East

62nd Drive East

63rd Avenue

64th Avenue East

64th Drive East

64th Lane East

64th Street East

65th Court East

65th Drive East

66th Street Circle East

67th Drive East

67th Street East

68th Drive East

68th Street Circle East

68th Street Court East

69th Court East

69th Street Court East

69th Street East

6th Avenue Drive West

6th Avenue East

6th Place West

70th Court East

70th Glen East

70th Street

70th Street Circle East

70th Street East

71st Avenue East

71st Street East

72nd Street Court East

72nd Street West

73rd Drive East

74th Place East

76th Place East

77th Street East

79th Avenue East

79th Street East

7th Circle West

7th Court West

7th Street Circle West

7th Street Drive East

81st Avenue Circle East

81st Circle East

82nd Avenue Drive East

82nd Street Court East

85th Street East

86th Court East

86th Lane East

86th Street Circle East

86th Street Court East

86th Street East

87th Lane East

87th Street Court East

87th Terrace East

88th Street Circle East

88th Street East

89th Street East

8th Avenue West

8th Drive West

8th Street Drive

90th Street East

91st Street Court East

91st Street East

92nd Street Court East

93rd Court East

94th Street East

95th Lane East

97th Lane East

97th Street East

98th Street East

9th Avenue Drive East

9th Street Drive West

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Sell Your House Fast On Wisconsin Street Palmetto

Cash For Properties and Palmetto Real Estate On Wm Bellamy Street

Sell Your House On Woodlawn Circle East

Cash For Houses On Woodlawn Circle South Palmetto

We Buy On Woodlawn Circle West In Palmetto

Remember, if you need to sell your Palmetto Real Estate then We Buy Houses In Palmetto. David will buy it.


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