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Being a landlord is tough especially in the Sunshine State of Florida where an a/c unit breaking could lead to an instant vacancy.  Having to deal with bad tenants, vacancies, costly repairs, and dishonest renters are overwhelming and expensive. On top of that evicting a renter is hell. Plus, once they are out of the home more than often it is in need of repairs.

Have you recently evicted a tenant and would like to sell without doing any work? Without having to pay out of pocket for commissions or fees?

Call right now and we will have an offer for you within moments of learning about the property.

Should I sell my Florida Rental Property? For most landlords, the mention of selling their rental property puts a shiver up their spine. However, with more thought, one could come to a number of wonderful reasons to sell their Florida rental property today!

Sell My Florida Rental Property

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Does Your Rental Property Have Negative Cash Flow?

If your property is currently vacant, or you have a month to month tenant, then surely you must understand the frustration and stress this situation creates. Any profit will be virtually nonexistent during an ongoing vacancy. Can you afford the monthly maintenance, repairs, and payments draining your finances? Would it not be better to cash in, vacation on the profit, and forget about the stress of filling an unwanted vacancy?

Tenants Keeping You Up Late At Night?

Tenants have landlord radar almost like they can sense you have just laid your head on that pillow to rest. They often call at all different hours about issues of minor importance that can wait until another day. Why lie awake at night worrying about a tenant phone call being an emergency that you must deal with?   Leave tenants and leaky toilets behind. Learn how to go from a landlord with tenant issues to a passive income retiree. Do you enjoy passive income? Wonderful, allow me to show you the way to passive income without tenants and leaky toilets.

Do You Want To Deal With Landlord Liability Issues?

Unfortunately, there are tenants out there that professionally cause problems for landlords and make a living from it. These tenants will cause damage, break the rules, late in paying if they pay at all, or are disruptive to the surrounding neighbors. As the owner and landlord of the property, it is your responsibility to handle these issues. Is a lengthy and expensive legal battle with an unruly tenant really what you want? Are you not looking forward to the eviction process and lawsuits that are coming your way? Looking at these kinds of situations you begin to understand why many landlords sell their Florida rental property.

Property  Maintenance Is A Bummer!

In the State of Florida, there are certain laws and regulations landlords must follow for compliance. Certainly, you have a rental agreement that differentiates what the tenant is responsible for and what you, as the owner of the property, is required to handle. Generally, the owner of the property must make sure the property is safe with no structural issues and meets certain living standards. Do you worry about the time and cash needed for maintenance and repairs? Homeowners insurance does not cover the most expensive repairs such as HVAC replacement (the big issue in Florida), roof replacement, and foundation repair. Leave these liabilities for the landlord when you become a better passive investor. We have solutions that allow you to maintain your monthly cash flow without any of the stress of being a landlord. Does this sound like something you want? If so, let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss changing your current situation.

Drowning In Debt?


For most people,  selling a rental property off to pay back debt is a good financial decision. Life can be tough sometimes we have all been there before. Tenant shortages lead to monthly maintenance and payments piling up. Repairs may have been expensive or perhaps you have a personal debt that can be settled by liquidating your rental home. Unfortunately, holding on to your rental house and working hard for a tenant will not solve your financial bleeding. Sure, you can fill a vacancy that puts your current financial situation at ease. Although, what will you do when a large repair is needed? Your tenants will demand that something is done and you will be deeper in debt trying to hang on. Selling this property allows you to move on with your life and have a positive financial future. Forget about the high-interest rates. You have many options for selling your house and I would be happy to discuss them over the phone or lunch. If you are struggling with managing your rental property then I would love to talk about your options. Selling your Florida rental property traditionally is not an easy route to take.


“Whatever the reason, it is your property, so you can sell it any time you wish. However, when you have tenants, the process involves some extra steps depending on the type of lease or agreement they possess.”

Laura Agadoni


Selling your house with us allows you to put cash in your pocket, rid yourself of legal issues, and leave the days of being a landlord fixing leaky toilets behind you.

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